Autumn - The season of change

Autumn - The season of change

Here it is! Probably the most favourite season for a lot of people (it’s definitely mine), Autumn. I love the change in fashion and in the weather. Wearing chunky sweaters and solid ankle boots, mocha in hand and a cool breeze blowing across my face whilst walking through autumnal leaves on the path alongside the canal. Autumn is what brings country walks to life.

Equally it is important to know how to change your skincare routine for autumn.

Summer can be fun but it can also make beauty hard to maintain. The sun can make your skin dry from sun exposure or oily from humidity. Sunscreen and sweat can cause breakouts. You may not realise it; autumn has some great perks for your beauty regime.

Autumn is the time for a more in-depth skincare routine. Below I have listed a few necessary points to take into account for your skincare regimen.

  • Change your moisturiser

You probably used a lighter moisturiser in the summer months since your skin is hydrated or oily from the humidity. Winter will definitely bring drier skin so think ahead and prepare your skin by using a heavier, thicker moisturiser.

No matter how good and careful you have been over the summer, you probably may have some skin damage from the sun. You can repair discolouration or scarring by using a moisturiser that corrects and hydrates.

Oils and oil-based products will do the most good for your skin in the winter months. The Aphrodite Facial Oil by MOA and the Face + Shave Oil by Green + The Gent are fantastic products. They both contain rosehip oil, which helps nourish your skin, calm any inflammation and help with fine lines with its anti-ageing properties.

  • Take care of your lips

Do not neglect your lips. Make sure you are exfoliating your lips as the months get colder. Although you’re probably stocking up on lip balm in preparation for winter, all the moisturising will be in vain if the skin is not healthy to begin with. Gently exfoliate your lips throughout the week, and apply a lip balm (my personal favourite is The Green Fairy Hand & Lip Balm by MOA, suitable for all the family).

  • Switch your toner

Most toners contain alcohol, a major drying ingredient. Use a toner without alcohol. Yes it is difficult to find toners like this, however they are out there. The Yazir Balancing Facial Mist is a fantastic alternative to a standard toner. Produced by a Dubai based company called Hammamii, it is completely natural, halal certified and vegan. Made with purified water and essential oils, this is perfect for balancing and refreshing your face after cleansing. Sure, it sounds counter intuitive, especially for oily skin types, but the more hydrated your skin is, the less acne you will have.

  • Remember to put yourself first

Make yourself a priority. Just like you take the time out to go to the gym and workout, go for long walks with your dog, or your time to yourself for meditation. Have a skincare routine both morning and night. Your skin will thank you for it.

For me when I cleanse in the morning, I feel it makes me ready for the day. I feel refreshed and invigorated. It’s a calming ritual for me. It takes no more than 6 to 7 minutes and I start the day glowing. The night cleanse will take no more than 10 minutes as I double cleanse to ensure all traces of debris from the day and any makeup is removed properly. We all know to never sleep in your makeup!

For those you thinking “how do I take the time out to commit to a skincare routine?”

Answer – We go to the bathroom to brush our teeth in the morning and night. Follow this with your skincare regime.

When you step out of the bathroom feeling clean, soft, moisturised and minty fresh, it will wash away any unease you may be feeling. You will be ready to face the day and relax for a good night’s sleep.


However this season goes for you, whether you’re just recovering from summer or already preparing for Christmas (I certainly am!) just keep your well being in mind. Any little thing you do for yourself to make you feel good and happy is an act of self-care. It is not selfish to care for yourself. There are 24 hours in the day, make sure you have at least half of one for you.

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