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Green + The Gent

The Shaving Bundle by Green + The Gent

The Shaving Bundle by Green + The Gent

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The set consists of The Face + Shave Oil and the The Face Tonic/Aftershave. 

The Face + Shave Oil is a true all-rounder. It protects sensitive skin when shaving and nourishes the beard and skin. High-quality, cold-pressed oils obtained from thistle, apricot, rosehips, jojoba and almonds form a light consistency that is quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving behind a greasy feel.

The Face Tonic/Aftershave doubles as an aftershave or toner. It cleanses, strengthens and refreshes the skin at the same time. Aloe vera is highly moisturising, soothes the skin and preps it for subsequent care. For nourished skin and a delicate finish.


Firstly apply a few drops of the Face + Shave Oil to clean, moisten skin and massage. The oil forms an emulsion when in contact with water allowing it to be better absorbed by the skin.

After shaving or cleansing, apply a small amount of the Face tonic/Aftershave to the chin and cheeks. gently pat into the skin using the palms of your hands.

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